Since 2010, we have been bringing our approach to a number of projects and working with artists and community partners reaching out to adults and youth around the world, helping them think differently about peace - to think optimistically, constructively and collaboratively in how everyone can play a part in building a more peaceful world. 


Our Vision

To build a 'culture of peace' through the promotion of dialogue and integrative thinking. 

Our Mission

One World Dialogue (OWD) is building responsible and engaged communities through art and creative-based education programs. 

OWD's Peace Project is embarking on a journey to explore and unleash the possibilities of peace as the mechanism to building strong, vibrant and integrated communities. By empowering people with the outlets to have a voice, take action and learn, OWD will create and provide the tools for people, organizations and communities to build a 'culture of peace'. 


OWD envisions communities where ideas of innovation and creativity are explored, where people are empowered with the necessary tools to design their futures in meaningful ways that fit their respective environments. We believe OWD can take on this challenge and affect change in social development for vibrant communities. 

Why take this approach? 

OWD takes the approach of integrative thinking (includes design thinking) as the way to re-think social responsibility and community development. We see this as the way to purposefully bring diverse people, ideas and backgrounds together for dialogue and engagement on peace. 

We do not know in the end what peace will look like. What we do know, is that we are at a crossroads as a global community where people are seeking to do things differently. We have learned from our collective successes and failures in individual communities and globally regarding how to bring people together, build respect, social diversity and peace. OWD is exploring a different method and approach to bring the community together to explore social innovation and peace in a new light. 

What We've Achieved

  • 2016 Co-organizer, Ottawa Peace Talks 
  • 2013 Finalist for Ottawa Tourism Partnership of the Year Award - Building Peace Exhibition 
  • 2011 and 2012 International Peace Day Art Exhibition at Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
  • 2013 and 2014 Art Exhibition in collaboration with the Diefenbunker Museum: Canada's Cold War Museum 
  • 2012 youth programs in Arusha, Tanzania 
  • 2012 youth program with Ottawa School of Art Orleans Campus in Ottawa, Canada
  • 2013 youth programs for Building Peace exhibition with the Diefenbunker Museum 
  • 2014 Breaking Barriers youth workshops with the Diefenbunker Museum 
  • TEDxRideauCanal 2012 and 2013. 
  • Emerging Voices Focus Group - City of Ottawa Arts, Culture Heritage, Recreation Renewal Plan - 2011